Want the Best in Single Ply Roofing Systems?

Cover your building with a Flexion roof in Farmington, Bella Vista, Bentonville & Fayetteville, AR

Single ply roofing systems are a popular choice for commercial roofs in the Bella Vista, Farmington, Bentonville & Fayetteville, AR area. The reflective white material is easy to adapt to any roof dimensions, and it's eco-friendly. Ridgeline Construction Services carries and installs Conklin's Flexion single ply. This lightweight PVC roofing material resists weathering, fading and chemical breakdown.

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Don't settle for just any single ply roofing membrane

Why do we recommend Conklin's Flexion roofing material? These single ply roofing systems are:

  • Fire-resistant: Protect your property with this naturally fire-resistant roofing material.
  • Energy-efficient: Reduce your energy bills by 25% with this ENERGY STAR-certified product.
  • Damage-resistant: Let wind, rain, hail and snow do their worst. This roof can handle it.

Thanks to these attributes, your waterproof Flexion roof can last for about 25 years if cared for properly. Learn more about our single ply roofing systems by calling our Farmington, Bentonville & Fayetteville, AR location today.

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